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High frequency internal vibrator, designed for the toughest application conditions

  • Integrated frequency inverter, therefore two pieces of equipment in one for convenient handling and compensation for fluctuating input voltages. No external inverter required.
  • Power cable outfitted with Bodyguard™ (shutdown of the equipment in cases of emergency within 3 msec.) to protect the operator from electric shock if the electric power supply is insufficiently secured.
  • Complete potted electronic components for a long service life
  • Wear resistant vibrator head made of steel, completely induction hardened
  • Repairable vibrator head (exchange of individual components)
  • Ergonomically shaped switch box
  • RPM-stable, powerful electric motor designed, developed and produced in-house - Made in Germany
  • With integrated thermal overload protection breaker
  • Power cable made of sturdy, flexible rubber

Technical Data

Description Data
HAV 4m/s2
Vibrator Head Diameter 45 mm
Vibrator Head Length 382 mm
Vibrator Head Weight 3.5 kg
Protection Hose Length 10.0 m
Operating Weight 16 kg
Packed Shipping Weight 20 kg
Packed Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 76 x 62 x 18 cm
Effective Compaction Diameter 1 60 cm
1 Please note: This is a non-binding statement based on the practical experiences of our customers under certain operating conditions. This may vary under special circumstances. We recommend always doing a test run under normal operating conditions.
Vibration Frequency 12000 rpm
Engine Type High frequency squirrel-cage induction motor with electronic frequency inverter integrated into switch housing for direct mains supply using 110 - 130 V 50/60 Hz 1~
Power Draw 0.9 kW / 1.2 hp
Input Current 9.6 A
Voltage 110 - 130 V 1~
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Supply Cable Length 15.0 m
Feed Cable Length 0.5 m
Power Train Directly from the built-in electric motor to the vibration system
Specifications may change due to continuous product development.
* Actual power output may vary due to conditions of specific use