Wacker Neuson LBS 110M Light Ballon System

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  • Wacker Neuson’s new light balloon provides a fast and easy lighting solution to keep job sites working in evening, night and low light conditions.  The LBS 110M, is a portable light balloon unit that comes with a sturdy and secure tripod system which can be set up in minutes.   The elliptical shape lamp shade with its special reflective surface and the 1000 Watt metal halide lamp offers a very bright, yet glare free light.
  • Wacker Neuson has taken steps to create a light balloon that will remain sturdy and secure in a variety of conditions.  The tripod is made from a robust fiberglass and can be easily leveled with the help of the adjustable legs that allow for better flexibility when the unit is placed on uneven ground.  The LBS 110M’s ballast slides into the bottom of the tripod and is positioned directly under the balloon.  This provides for a compact design and lower center of gravity for greater stability with added weight to prevent the unit from swaying or tipping in the wind. The ballast has a convenient on/off switch with thermal overload protection.  The handle on the ballast serves as a practical and integrated method to store the cable.
  • Comes with the complete Kit: Light Balloon, Pro Tripod, Tie down kit, Carry case and Ballast/Transformer.


Illumination coverage (with at least 20 foot-candles; light at 5 meters height) 315 m²
Luminous flux  110,000 lm
Lamp type  Metal halide
Lamp output  1,000 W
L x W x H (tensioned) Ø x H 1000 x 700 mm
Diameter  1,000 mm
Height  700 mm
Weight  8.6 kg
Operating temperature min. -25 ° C
Operating temperature max. 40 ° C
Voltage  263 V
Operating current  4.1 A
Frequency  50 Hz
Cable length (balloon to ballast) 5.6 m
L x W x H (transport dimensions) 1350 x 230 x 452 mm

Ballast (only for LB110M / HQI lamp)

L x W x H (operating dimensions) 310 x 230 x 195 mm
Weight  16.5 kg
Operating temperature min. -25 ° C
Operating temperature max. 40 ° C
Voltage  120 V
Operating current  9.3 A
Frequency  50 Hz
Power  1.13 kW
Cable length (ballast to electric power supply) 3 m
L x W x H (transport dimensions, including packaging) 445 x 317 x 230 mm


Tripod Pro Tripod Compact
L x W x H (operating condition) mm 1620 x 1435 x 1920 - 4618 1590 x 1430 x 1840 - 3106
Height Light point min. m 2.3 2.2
Height Light point max. m 5 3.4
Weight  kg 17 14.6