Turbochargers. One of the greatest inventions?         

While that may be up for debate, what is certain is the need to keep on top of their maintenance to ensure they consistently deliver more power.

We offer a turbocharger repair, recondition and hybrid service, for any turbocharger in need of an overhaul, from all manufacturers from different engines.  

We can also carry out waste gate and actuator repairsTo the highest of standards, naturally. And don't forget, our quality workmanship is guaranteed with a full LCF Engineering warranty.

Often when carrying out turbo repairs we are asked by our customers to upgrade their turbocharger at the same time, as this is an ideal opportunity, whilst the turbo has already been removed from its application.

And because we are very helpful sorts, a full collection and delivery service is available. 

Interested in our services ? Why not get in touch today with very competitive prices starting from as little as £150.


LCF Engineering Top Tip

Turbochargers give a valuable assistance to many engines petrol and diesel and that is why frequent oil changes are so important. This prolongs not only the life of the engine but also the turbo. Without this many turbos require a service or overhaul only after a few years. So why not contact us today and get your turbo serviced and see the difference some TLC can make.